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Welcome to Precision Metalworking Equipment LLC

Established in 2002, PME serves the machining, metal stamping, sawing and other manufacturing industries with products to meet your needs for quality and productivity.

Our product offering has grown over the years in response to customer request. As a Manufacturers Representative, we screen our suppliers to assure that we offer only quality products that are delivered on time to perform as promised. We have 45 years of exposure to and experience in manufacturing as a user and buyer of industrial machinery and components.

Whistler's Ximmix Die

While most equipment is new, we do offer some used and factory refurbished machinery. Some suppliers offer 30 days of free trial so any risk is eliminated.

All inquiries are welcome. We thank you for reviewing the Precision Metalworking Equipment web site. We remain at your service.

Helmel's Phoenix CMM

Bull Nose forming Die
Published with approval from Polyurethane Products Co.

Progressive Type Tube
Sheet Dies and Lines from

Phinney Tool & Die Co., Inc.
Turbulators from Phinney
Tool & Die Co., Inc.

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